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gkacpi is gkrellm plugin intended for laptops. it reads acpi ("advanced configuration and power interface") to show battery and ac state and actual temperature.

battery panel features:
- krell shows actual battery capacity
- pixmap shows whether your ac is on-line, battery is charging or discharging (critical)
- text can be battery capacity (percent) or minutes left

temperature panel features:
- krell shows actual temperature to critical temperature ratio
- text is temperature in celsius, kelvin or farenheit
- pixmap just shows it is temperature panel

left - full gkrellm. gkacpi 5th and 6th from bottom. battery full, temperature 39C, ac on-line
right, top - part of gkrellm. gkacpi in the middle, running on battery, 2 hours 50 minutes left, temperature 42C
right, bottom - part of gkrellm. gkacpi in the middle, battery charging, capacity 98%, temperature 41C
february 2, 2003
ported gkacpi to gkrellm2.
april 28, 2002
finally updated this site.
april 7, 2002
gkacpi-0.3 released. now there are two panels. first for battery state and second for processor temperature. support for different temperature units added.
march 27, 2002
gkacpi-0.2.1 released. crash problem corrected.
march 6, 2002
gkacpi-0.2 released. i switched to new acpi standard so you will need to patch the kernel.